Dimash – The prince possesses an otherworldly vocal prowess.

Dimash Kudaibergen may be an unfamiliar name in the Western world, but he has already gained immense popularity in his home country of Kazakhstan, as well as in neighboring countries like Russia and China.

Dimash is popular in Kazakhstan, China and Russia


Dimash has garnered a widespread following worldwide, attracting fans from diverse countries and age groups (particularly among the youth, although fans of all ages are plentiful). These dedicated and passionate fans exemplify the deep affection one would hope to inspire as a star.

One notable performance that brought Dimash international recognition was his appearance at the Miss Universe 2018 final (Miss World 2018). He captivated the audience with his rendition of the song “Unforgettable Day,” a heartfelt composition by Oral Baissengir, performed in Kazakh.

The Open Door to the world

However, it was not this song alone that propelled Dimash to fame beyond the borders of his homeland. In 2017, he participated in the “I Am a Singer” contest on China HBS Television. During his debut, he astounded the audience with his extraordinary voice while performing the song “SOS” in French, leaving a lasting impression.

In the subsequent week’s round, Dimash took the audience’s breath away once again with his rendition of “Opera 2” in Russian. This song, originally performed by Vitas—a renowned Russian vocalist known as the “Prince with the Dolphin Voice”—had gained global recognition during the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics. Dimash’s rendition showcased his astonishing vocal range, reaching incredible heights with tremendous power, yet retaining a pure and gentle quality.

Dimash On Chinese – Singer Game show

Since that performance on “I Am a Singer,” Dimash rose to fame throughout China. According to Nandu Daily, a music critic remarked, “It is extremely rare to find a male singer who can achieve what he does in the entire realm of music.” Countless viewers on YouTube channels expressed their awe, commenting that his voice seemed otherworldly or surreal. Such was the impact of his vocal abilities. Despite the scarcity of English-language resources, Dimash Kudaibergen’s talent and devoted fan base have undeniably placed him on the global music map, transcending linguistic boundaries.

Kazakhstan National Proud

On any YouTube channel dedicated to Dimash, you will find his fellow Kazakhs engaging fervently. They swiftly provide updates on his activities, demonstrating their unwavering support and adoration. Their hearts swell with pride because Dimash has taken the captivating melodies of the Kazakh mother tongue and shared them with the world, spreading beauty and love through his music.

Dimash himself is an embodiment of passionate love for his country. During his world tours, he goes above and beyond to showcase Kazakhstan’s rich culture. Through the enchanting performances of traditional dancers and the soul-stirring melodies of ethnic musical instruments, he paints a vivid picture of his homeland’s heritage. Not to mention, the Kazakh national flag always finds its place alongside Dimash, symbolizing his deep connection and loyalty to his nation.

With immense enthusiasm, Dimash invites his fans from around the globe to visit his beloved country, Kazakhstan. He eagerly declares, “I am waiting for you in my country, Kazakhstan,” leaving no doubt about his genuine affection for the land that nurtured his talent.

The Kazakh people’s love for Dimash is a testament to the power of music and national pride. Their passionate support fuels his journey and strengthens the bond between the artist and his homeland. Dimash Kudaibergen has become a shining star, illuminating the path for aspiring artists from Kazakhstan and inspiring a sense of unity and pride among his fans worldwide.

On April 5, 2020, news emerged from the country’s media that Dimash Kudaibergen, driven by his compassionate spirit, made significant contributions to aid the less fortunate during the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic. Witnessed by his devoted fans, he selflessly donated substantial amounts of money and provisions to support those who had been deeply affected by the crisis, particularly those who had lost their livelihoods and were in dire need.

Dimash Kudaibergen’s journey to success is a testament to his unwavering dedication and extraordinary talent.

From the tender age of five, Dimash immersed himself in the world of music, diligently honing his skills under the guidance of numerous esteemed vocal teachers. His commitment and hard work culminated in his graduation from the Faculty of Music at the A.Zhubanov School of Music in 2014, a milestone that marked the beginning of a remarkable career.

The year 2019 proved to be a pivotal one for Dimash. He captivated audiences on the international stage when he participated in the talent contest “The World’s Best” on CBS channel in the United States. Introduced to American viewers as “the man with the widest vocal range in the world,” Dimash left an indelible impression with his awe-inspiring performances. From his soul-stirring rendition of “SOS” during the audition round to his breathtaking rendition of “All by Myself” in the battle ring, Dimash emerged as a top contender. However, in a display of his humility and generosity, he made the selfless decision to withdraw from the competition after delivering a mesmerizing performance of “Adagio” in the semifinals. His noble intention was to open doors for younger talents, including his compatriot, the incredibly talented 12-year-old singer Daneliya Tuleshova.

June 2019 witnessed a milestone event in Dimash’s career as he held a momentous solo concert titled “Arnau” at the Astana Stadium in his hometown. The concert drew a staggering 40,000 spectators, including a multitude of international fans. It was a testament to the profound impact Dimash had made beyond the borders of Kazakhstan.

Later that year, in December 2019, Dimash brought his captivating performance to New York with the grand theme of “Arnau Envoy” at the Barclay Center. The concert sold out all 19,000 tickets, and the audience’s passion was palpable. Fans from diverse corners of the world proudly waved their small flags, representing their countries of origin. In the midst of the electrifying atmosphere, Dimash, overwhelmed with gratitude and disbelief, expressed his love to his devoted fans, affectionately calling them “Dears.” He poured his heart and soul into every song, delivering youthful and vibrant tunes as well as deeply lyrical melodies. Whether singing in French, Russian, or his cherished Kazakh native language, Dimash’s voice resonated with an enchanting allure that kept his audience spellbound throughout the hours of his solo performance. Fans marveled at the divine gift he possessed, often declaring, “Your voice must be heaven-sent, an ethereal treasure from beyond our world.”

Dimash Kudaibergen’s talent and artistry continue to astound and inspire. His remarkable achievements are a testament to his exceptional abilities and unwavering passion. With each performance, he affirms his position as a true musical phenomenon, elevating the realm of music to new heights. Dimash’s journey is a testament to the limitless possibilities of a dedicated spirit and the boundless power of an extraordinary voice.

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